New Vienna and Salzburg English language papers

The Vienna-based Austrian Times Group has today launched two regional editions covering Salzburg and Vienna.

Austrian Times
general manager David Rogers said: “The two local newspapers will carry many
extra stories from Salzburg and Vienna respectively in English – in addition to
anything relevant from our main newspaper – and it is hoped they will provide a
welcome addition to our service.”

The Austrian Times
groups which also has a newspaper in Croatia and another in Romania is a
privately owned and funded news service that is not tied to any political party
– with the main newsroom in Vienna – as well as several district offices in
Austria and abroad.

 Rogers said: “We aim
not only to cover the latest news but also to make sure it is understandable to
somebody who may not have had the advantage of growing up locally and therefore
sometimes needs a little bit more background than is often given in local

The Austrian Times
alone has a readership of over one million who are either direct visitors or
access the news provided via syndication services and other

The two new online
newspapers can be accessed immediately using the current links and

Feedback and any
comments are welcomed by writing to