Sick kids must wait for treatment in 40 degrees centigrade

Officials have been urged to act after it emerged that ill children are being made to endure temperatures of 40 degrees centigrade while waiting to be seen by doctors at a Graz hospital.Wilhelm Müller, head of the city’s Children’s Clinic, labelled the situation as “disgraceful and unacceptable”. He explained that temperatures in the waiting room at the hospital reached a whopping 40 degrees centigrade for days on end.”Such temperatures cause unendurable conditions for patients and staff,” he stressed.Müller has been campaigning for a renovation of the complex for two years, and the managing body now announced it will ensure a high-tech cooling system will be set up next year.The Styrian Hospitals’ Society stressed this was significantly earlier than initially planned. The association said the plan would include replacing the glass front with a wall, adding that overall costs of the restructure activities would amount to 700,000 Euros.Müller meanwhile appealed to officials not to forget the clinic’s 14-square-metre treatment rooms in their renovation plans.