Combat dress student knifes father

A 25-year-old deranged university student was arrested last night (Weds) after he tried to kill his father.The Vienna resident drove to Bad Gams, Styria, where his parents live to ambush his father wearing a camouflage-coloured combat uniform.Local police said today the physics student severely injured his 57-year-old father as he stabbed him in the back several times with a knife. The man is out of life danger after an emergency operation, they added. He managed crawl on all fours to the neighbourÂ’s house to get help.The student was arrested after he told locals: “I just killed my parents.”Officials however stressed that he did not harm his mother.The woman told investigators her son hardly ever contacted them over the past few years. Police also heard that he was hospitalised at a psychiatric clinic for some time after surviving a suicide attempt.