AC/DC gig organisers accused of wrecking environment

Wels police have begun investigating after animal activists reported organisers of a concert by AC/DC for their handling of the event.Josef Limberger, head of the Nature Protection Union of Upper Austria, said today (Thurs) trucks drove around on territory organisers agreed they would not enter to protect the habitat of rare plants and animals at the city’s airport.He claimed some of the 95,000-odd fans coming to see the concert as well as security guards trampled over out-of-bounds areas, forcing dozens of birds to leave their chicks on their own.It was unclear for months whether last Saturday’s concert would get the go-ahead from local officials after a team of the federal interior ministry’s explosives department discovered two World War Two aerial bombs at the venue.Environmentalists wanted the concert to take place at a different site to ensure plants and animals would not be harmed. They eventually agreed with local officials that people would be barred from entering some areas, while the Australian rock legends were ordered to turn the volume down.Limberger also called on event organisers to remove all of the bark mulch spread at the site to keep the soil from getting too muddy after strong rainfalls. Around 150 fans needed treatment after developing allergic reactions such as burning eyes after the material was spread. Limberger claimed the bark mulch may have contained pesticides.”Neither Wels officials nor organisers can deny being responsible for what happened,” he said.