Vienna is Europe’s new ‘dog-trafficking mafia hub’, say police

Police have branded Vienna International Airport (VIA) the “new main turnstile” of the internationally operating animal-trafficking Mafia as 26 puppies were discovered on Saturday.A police official said yesterday (Mon): “We discovered the dogs in the boot of a car parked on the airportÂ’s K1 parking lot. Our team acted on an anonymous tip-off.”He added that the different breeds were destined for Spain.”We suspect up to 250 puppies being flown to Spain from Vienna every week,” Alexander Willer, from the local animal shelter the dogs are now being looked after, revealed.Meanwhile investigations against the Spaniard who wanted to transport the puppies to his home country continue.”The suspect admitted he earned around 50,000 Euros for transferring up to 300 animals since 2009,” a police spokesman said.