Italians flocking to Carinthia after ‘Marian apparition’

Canny town hall officials in Carinthia hope their town will make a fortune after an Italian seer claimed he had experienced a Marian apparition.Bad St. Leonhard officials have decided to set up a devotion memorial tomorrow (Sat) where Salvatore Caputa was said to have encountered the Virgin Mary last week.Caputa claimed he had received a message from the Mother of God regarding political leaders’ decision to shut down the town’s Marian grotto to make space for a motorway bypass.Hundreds of Italian pilgrims are expected to arrive by coach tomorrow.The local parish however has disassociated itself from the activities.”We totally disagree with what is going on here,” priest Walter Oberguggenberger said today.Social Democratic (SPÖ) Mayor Simon Maier meanwhile said every positive impact on tourism is welcome.