Firemen at same flat seven times in seven months

Firemen had to return to the same Graz apartment yesterday (Tues) for the seventh time in seven months, police said.The 37-year-old unemployed alcoholic resident had forgotten to remove a pot of beans from a hotplate before taking a nap and it had caught on fire.A neighbour’s dog raised the alarm by barking after it smelled smoke.On previous occasions, firemen had been called to the flat once a month for seven months to deal with fire caused by negligent cooking or the drunk dozing off while smoking in bed.Police said the situation was no longer tolerable either for the man’s neighbours or for him on security grounds. One neighbour said: “I can no longer sleep soundly at night.”Police said they had asked Wolfgang Pucher, a local pastor for the poor, to contact the man to try and sort out the situation.