Football manager Adi Hütter charged with tax evasion

The manager of the football team SV Scholz Grödig (Salzburg state), which will be promoted the Austrian Premier League, will have to go to court this week. He is accused of tax evasion and of having cooperated with the architect Markus Voglreiter.

The proceedings will continue tomorrow (Wed). The former football star from Austria Salzburg and current manager of SV Scholz Grödig is believed to have tricked the ministry of finance when he was building a house in Seekirchen.

The manager confirmed that he rendered personal contributions of 90,000 Euros. However, the prosecution believes that the work was actually done by Mr Voglreiter and that Mr Hütter did not tax the 90,000 Euros.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, the architect from Seekirchen (district of Flachgau) helped Mr Hütter. If the latter is convicted, Mr Voglreiter will face a fine of double the amount (180,000 Euros).

Mr Hütter’s lawyer stated that the football manager could have signed such a confirmation of personal contribution without knowing what it actually was. Apparently, he has signed many things without reading the details.

Several other people, who worked together with the architect Mr Voglreiter, have already been convicted.