Bank Austria hit by hackers

Hackers hit Bank Austria’s online banking from 4 to 6 May. The cyber criminals hacked into the activity protocols of online banking customers from a covered IP address in France and the Netherlands and from a German server.

The attack has apparently been fought off successfully. “It was never possible for the criminals to get access to customer accounts or to make unauthorised transactions”, Bank Austria stated on Wednesday.

Neither could the hackers enter the internal bank server. Direct financial damage was thus excluded. The bank does not want to state how many of their 700,000 online banking customers were affected.

Customers, whose protocols were hacked, will be informed at their online banking account. Those, who do not have a notification when logging into the account, were not affected.

“We will pursue this with the utmost severity”, Bank Austria boss Mr Cernko said. He stated that he will file a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office and also inform the financial supervision.