Adventureland Mautern opens for a new season

Theme park Adventureland in Mautern in Styria has opened for the season – the second season where they share a roof with Herberstein Zoo.

And a new summer toboggan run, a zoo and a falcon show should attract even more visitors this year.

Since the Herberstein Zoo has been so successful with their exotic animals – attracting 180,000 visitors annually – the merger is a good deal for Mautern, combining the Adventureland and the zoo to attract 55,000 visitors last season. That is a 20 per cent increase in relation to the season before.

The company management expected 65,000 visitors for the first season. Managing Director Doris Wolkner-Steinberger seems positive despite that fact, saying that: “In the beginning it is clear that some development work has to be done; we cannot expect everything to change from one year to another. Since we only took over the business in February, and opened our doors in April, we did not manage to advertise as much as we would have wanted.”

By placing both marketing and administration beneath one roof, we can save 50,000 Euros in personnel costs, said Wolkner-Steinberger. The combo-ticket for both attractions has also been a financial success.

The manager is confident that the costs will be covered within a few years. “My goal is to attract 90,000 visitors to the Adventureland in the next two or three years, and then our costs will certainly be covered. With 55,000 visitors we have to save some money in order to cover the costs of the merger.”

With new animals such as coati-mondis or a children’s zoo, the Adventureland wants to create new, cheap attractions. With the help of sponsors, the lynx enclosure will be rebuilt to allow visitors to look through glass walls into the life of the lynx.

Advertisements for the Adventureland will also be used across Austria.