15 Artists for 15 Wines

Fifteen Austrian artists came together at the Dominikanerbastei in
Vienna this week as part of a unique new project where they are being
exhibited together and promoted by the Klasan Advertising Agency. The
agency is located at the site of the former Bleich-Rossi gallery  in the city’s poshest district that was snapped
up last year by marketing guru Christian Klasan, 54, after it had
closed down.He moved his office there on 8 June  – and this year
exactly a year later he arranged for a group of 15 artists to come back
for the vernisagge.

Christian said: “The works will be visible here all the time and this is
the first of a number of things we will be doing to promote the group.”

The vernissage that took place Wednesday was packed out and welcomed by
both artists and art lovers – under the title 15 artist and 15 wines –
with the latter organised by Austrian Wine Trade leader DDr. Georg
Schramel.The artists were on hand to explain about their works
and show guests the gallery. One – Hungarian artist Eva Kanai, whose
figuritive abstract acryl & oil paintings were among the works
displayed said: “This was a great opportunity to put up my paintings in
the middle of Vienna, in the heart of the city and in a great location.”When I paint I forget the world around me. I am so immersed in
the act of painting that I don`t know what time it is, if the sun is
going down, or rising. I don’t feel pain, and I don’t hear the noise of
the street. “When I begin to make a picture I only listen to my inner self and what my feelings dictate to me. “To
think is the biggest mistake you can make when you are creating. My
hands are moved by my heart and my soul, not my brain. I just cannot
stand up and leave, before I feel that the picture is perfect. “Anyone
can learn how to draw – that’s not where the talent is. To create is a
talent you have to born with. To create is a fantastic feeling. Only
those who know what it means to create can understand what I feel.”