Lugner snares Bo Derek for a night at the opera

Bo Derek will accompany Viennese businessman and veteran playboy Richard Lugner at next month’s Opera Ball, it was announced today (Tues).The 78-year-old – who manages Vienna’s Lugner City shopping centre – admitted the American actress, 54, was only his third choice. Lugner explained two other stars cancelled their attendance before he eventually signed Derek last night.Lugner attended the Viennese society get-together with TV casting show juror Dieter Bohlen and his girlfriend Carina Walz last year after Hollywood starlet Lindsay Lohan missed her flight. Bohlen and Walz were brought to Vienna in a chartered jet just hours before the ball went underway.Lugner started inviting international celebrities to the Opera Ball in 1992. All of his VIP entourages except US entertainer Harry Belafonte and Bohlen were women – including Italian actress Sophia Loren and American model Carmen Electra.Austrian magazines recently speculated that he asked American actress and singer Cher to accompany him to this year’s Viennese Opera Ball – which will take place on 3 March.Film fans all over the world raised eyebrows last week when Lugner revealed he snubbed an agency’s offer to get Hollywood superstar George Clooney to attend the event with him.”They assured me that they were able to bring Clooney to Austria, but I dismissed the suggestion. There will be already two other men in my box with me and my girlfriend. I need a female star guest,” Lugner told reporters.