Elton John’s adopted son listens to Led Zeppelin

Sir Elton John has revealed that he plays songs by rock legends Led Zeppelin to his son.The pop icon and his civil partner David Furnish adopted Zachary after he was born to a surrogate in December last year.Now the singer has spoken out about how the baby is being raised.”He has got his own iPod on which David and I put all kinds of stuff – ranging from Chopin to Mozart, Carol King, the Carpenters, James Taylor, my own songs, Kate Bush, Linda Ronstadt and Led Zeppelin lullabies,” he told Austrian Live magazine.The award-winning pop veteran added: “It’s impossible for Zachary not to wake up inspired on all our journeys and between all our artist friends in our beautiful houses.”The 63-year-old revealed 6.30pm was a “sacred time” for him now. “That’s when David and I take turns in reading bedtime stories to Zachary.”Asked whether his new role as a dad has changed his own character and personality in any way, Elton John said: “I’m much more relaxed than I used to be. I’m quite surprised about that, I have to say.”Elton John also joked about what would happen if Zachary becomes a supporter of the “wrong” football team. The Briton said: “I can’t wait to take him to a Watford FC match. I just bought him a mini-sized club kit. But if he decides to root for Chelsea, I’ll kill him!”Elton John recently shared the stage with pop sensation Lady Gaga. Asked how he would describe the controversial singer, he said: “Lady Gaga is the illegitimate child of Elton John – just check out what she’s wearing!”The singer made headlines in Austria last year when he altered the lyrics of one of his biggest hits to pay tribute to Formula One (F1) legend Niki Lauda.Elton John delighted the 6,000 fans at the Tips Arena in Linz in June when he changed the opening lines of his 1972 hit “Crocodile Rock” from “I remember when rock was young, me and Suzie had so much fun” to “… Niki Lauda had so much fun”.