I didn’t fall but jump off that tree, says Richards

Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards has spoken out on the infamous Fiji Islands palm tree fall incident in which he reportedly sustained serious injuries four years ago.The guitarist told Austrian magazine News: “I know it has been claimed that that thing was a palm tree. But the truth is that I sat down on a small tree after having offered (fellow Stones guitarist) Ronnie Wood the only hammock that was there.”Richards, 66, stressed he did not fall off the tree. He explained: “I hit my head when I jumped off it. Two days later, I hit my head on a boat – which saved my life, because I only went to see a doctor after that because of the massive pains. He discovered a tear in the skullcap which was stitched with six titanium pens.”The English rock star added: “I suffered fractures all over my body, from head to toes – and I’m still here.”Richards also revealed Stones frontman Sir Mick Jagger was “affected” by how he portrayed him in his new autobiography “Life”.He said: “Of course he was affected – but he deserves it. He knew I would tell the story as it is. In fact, what I wrote about him is rather nice and flattering. You should hear all the things I failed to mention!”Asked whether he was envious of Sir Jagger being knighted for Services to Music as in 2003, Richards – who is considered as one of the world’s most influential contemporary guitarists – said: “I assumed he wouldn’t accept such an honour. I always thought that’s not our world. (…) They should have made him a Lord though! I wouldn’t allow this family (the British Royal Family) getting too close to me with a sharp sword!”Richards stressed he was ready to hit the road once more. He told News: “Mick, (drummer) Charlie (Watts), Ronnie and me have been on the phone for some time. We’ll record a few new songs in January or February. (…) I want to perform all over Europe next summer, and I hope we will play in Vienna. We always had a good time there.”We haven’t been on the road for two years now, and I feel the urge to let it all out once more,” he added.Asked whether there were still any special goals he wanted to achieve, Richards said: “I still want to write the perfect song, because I think that hasn’t happened yet.”