‘Stupid’ Facebook flick star Timberlake sticks to e-mails

Justin Timberlake has revealed he shuns social network platforms because he is “stupid in this regard”.The former member of boy band ‘N Sync stars as Sean Parker, co-founder of internet music sharing platform Napster, in the new blockbuster “The Social Network”. The acclaimed movie tells the rise of online platform Facebook and its inventor Mark Zuckerberg.Asked whether he used so-called social media, Timberlake told Austrian magazine Live: “You mean Facebook etc.? No, because I’m, in this regard, extremely stupid.”The singer / actor explained: “I write e-mails, but that’s about it. I might use social networks would I be afraid of falling out of touch with family and friends. But as an only child, I like to be on my own every now and then.”The 29-year-old revealed he regarded sitting in his car as “the best part of my day”.Timberlake also said he was still friends with the same people he had been with 20 years ago, adding: “I know exactly who I can trust and who not.”Timberlake has increasingly focused on his emerging career in Hollywood over the past few years. The six-time Grammy Award laureate has performed in more than half a dozen cinema productions since starring in flopped 2001 thriller “Edison”.