German’s record-breaking tour ends in Austria

A German musician set a new world record by giving concerts in eight different countries including Austria within 24 hours.Vicente Patiz – real name Jörg Patitz – from Johanngeorgenstadt in Saxony started his bid with a gig in Oberhausen, Germany, on Saturday before hitting the stage in Eupen, Belgium, Maastricht, Netherlands, Ettelbrück in Luxembourg, the French city of Strasbourg, Winterthur in Switzerland and in the Liechtenstein town of Vaduz.His final performance of the extraordinary series took place in Rankweil in the Austrian province of Vorarlberg on Sunday midday.The versatile musician – who plays the Australian didgeridoo as well as a traditional Slovakian shepherd’s flute, said afterwards he was “tired but very proud.”Patiz, 34, gave up his job as a civil servant to fully focus on music at the age of 18. He has given more than 1,200 concerts across Europe.His successful attempt will be considered in the upcoming edition of the Guinness Book of Records unless someone else manages to beat it before the popular book goes into print.American guitarist Jeff Aug held the previous record after having performed in six countries within 24 hours in March 2009.