Murdoch ruined Brit culture, claims Cleese

British comedy legend John Cleese has said his country’s culture was in decline since Rupert Murdoch became active in its newspaper industry.The 70-year-old “A Fish Called Wanda” star told Austrian newspaper Die Presse: “England changed much more than I did. We used to have some sort of middle class culture with an adequate amount of respect for education. It was a bit racist – not in a mean way though, but still racist. Some things have changed to the better, but its not a middle class culture anymore, but a yob culture, a rowdy culture.”Cleese explained: “Especially the media are to blame. Since (Australian-American businessman) Rupert Murdoch took over English newspapers (The Sun, News Of The World, The Times, The Sunday Times), he ruthlessly sent them down and further down. They are trivial, vulgar and deeply dishonest today. We were once able to claim having the least worse TV. Today, it’s the same rubbish as everywhere in the world.”Speaking about the Austrian capital Vienna, the comedian said: “I’ve always liked Vienna. I never saw so much theatre and music and so many museums anywhere else. I like the city’s velocity and the food. It doesn’t have the tackiness of other big cities.”Cleese also revealed he could imagine living in Vienna.”I considered renting a small flat in Switzerland. I love being in Lyon, Strasbourg, Munich and Milan in four hours from there. But I always felt attracted by Austrian and German culture in a certain way,” he said.Cleese is the new face of British betting company William Hill which plans to become active in Austria.Asked whether he liked putting money on horses or football teams himself, Cleese said: “I don’t bet a lot. I don’t have to do so in cricket or football because I don’t need that extra kick – I’m engrossed in the match that much. But betting on a low level is fun and enjoyable.”Cleese also said he was wondering how former News Of The World editor Piers Morgan will do as successor of iconic CNN talkshow host Larry King.”I’d love to bet on how long Piers Morgan will have this job,” he said.