Therme Linsberg Asia celebrates fifth year anniversary

The Therme Linsberg Asia wellness resort in Bad Erlach, Lower Austria is celebrating its fifth year anniversary.

In the past year 1.250.000 people have visited the spa and after a somewhat difficult start the Linsberg Asia is reporting positive results.

There were 270,000 overnight stays, over 1600 seminars and around 93,000 spa treatments.

Managing Director Walter Kois said: “Linsberg Asia has managed to establish itself well on the market after just five years with it specialisation of peace and tranquillity, relaxation, inspiration and regeneration with Asian influence. The concept is very popular with our guests.

Local politician Klaus Schneeberger from the ÖVP said: “We can all be proud of what we managed to create here with the help of regional funding from the Lower Austrian Business Agency. The Therme Linsberg Asia has over the past five years developed into a successful wellness and relaxation area.

“The Therme Linsberg Asia has been a great stimulus in the area and made many further economic developments possible. It has had a positive impact on the tourism industry and service industry in the area.”