Exclusive Rare Porsche Up For Sale

Porsche lovers have the once in a lifetime chance to buy a rare Porsche being sold by an Austrian classic car collector.

The one-of-a-kind Porsche 964 Turbi II 3.6 is being sold by the Viennese collector.

There were only ever 1,436 models of the car ever produced and this is the only existing ‘prototype’- produced as a pilot version of the vehicle.

In 1992 five prototypes were produced – four of these 360 PS prototypes were scrapped as is common practise with prototypes.

This car, now up for sale, is the only prototype which survived.

Not even Porsche AG know why this one survived – making it a very rare buy.

Any one interested in buying the car should contact:- porschefreund911@gmail.com