Hotel says independence will be a benefit

Hotel Burgenland in Eisenstadt is under new management from this year.

The famous four-star hotel was formerly part of Austria Hotels Betriebs GmbH for 10 years and has now been sold.

The hotel will now be run in its own rights are not as part of the chain, say the management.

The director of the hotel remains Alfred Diewald and he said the new independence of the hotel would help it.

He said: “It was not an advantage of us to be part of a group – anonymity is not an advantage. In particular being out in the provinces it is really important to stand out and be individual – and that means it’s not an advantage to be part of the group.”

He also said that the hotel had suffered in recent years because of the frequent building sites in the area but he said the building sites have mostly finished now and was optimistic for the future.

He said: “We have already recorded a significant increase in the coming year and the 2014. It’s also an advantage that the new culture Centre is in the area. We expect many guests from visits here.”

Some renovations will be carried out on rooms and the hotel’s webpage is also being renovated.