Almdudler sets its sights on UK

A leading lemonade manufacturer has revealed plans to expand in Germany and Great Britain.

Almdudler announced today (Thurs) it wanted to increase its market share in Germany in the coming years. The firm claimed doubling or tripling its current share in the German supermarket and gastronomy sector was not impossible. Almdudler sold 10 million litres of its drinks range in the country which borders Austria last year. The company – best known for its herbs lemonade – pointed out it achieved a 25 per cent increase of sales in Germany in the first half of this year.

Almdudler, which refuses to reveal information considering its earnings and profit, also announced the ambition to introduce its range in the United Kingdom. It acknowledged the country’s “very high potential.” Almdudler lemonades are currently available in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Slovakia and South Tyrol, Italy. Almdudler claims to lead the Austrian market for lemonades with a share of more than 25 per cent.

International packaging solutions company Tetra Pak said last year, Austrians consumed 74 litres of carbonated lemonade per capita in 2009. The firm’s study also showed that water was most important with an average consumption of 104 litres.

Meanwhile, Red Bull managed to raise its brand value. The company – which is best known for its energy drinks range – was valued at 13.4 billion Euros by the European Brand Institute’s (EBI) most recent investigation. This figure made the firm Austria’s strongest brand in the world. The company is also the most popular user of Facebook among all Austrian businesses which created official accounts on the social networking platform.

Red Bull has tried to challenge the domestic dominance of Almdudler and the leading position of Coca Cola in the world with various lemonades. Some of the drinks have turned out to be popular, while sales of others like organic, self-styled healthy lifestyle drinks such as Kombucha and Carpe Diem have remained low.