Debreziner check dishes up mixed results

Only three of 13 investigated Debreziner sausages were given the top rating by a consumer rights organisation.The Association for Consumer Information (VKI) checked the quality of Debreziner sausages offered by 13 snack stand chains and firms delivering to supermarkets. The VKI said today (Weds) that just three products were considered as faultless, while some of the others contained an “excessive” number of bacteria. Two products were rated inedible by the testers.The investigation also showed that the popular sausage snack was rich in fat with an average 22.2 grams of fat per 100 grams. The VKI stressed that Debreziners made of poultry meat were a slightly healthier alternative to the hearty classic version consisting of pork and beef.Debreziner is on sale at food stands across Austria. It has been in contention with Frankfurter sausages and Käsekrainer cheese sausages for the unofficial title as Austrians’ favoured sausage snack.Debreziner is strongly spiced. It is named after the Hungarian city of Debrecen. In Austria, the high-calorie delicacy is usually served with mustard, ketchup and a bread roll.News that some Debreziner sausages on sale in Austria contain a high number of bacteria comes only a few weeks after the VKI said four of the 34 Frankfurter sausages it examined were of “unsatisfactory” quality.The organisation explained that 25 of the checked products – also known as Vienna sausages or wiener sausages – were given a “good” or “very good” rating.