Burnout to pounce on many judges, survey shows

One in five Austrian judges is at risk of suffering from burnout, a study has concluded.The survey – carried out by the ARGE Burnout group and experts of the Medical University in Graz, Styria – was presented today (Thurs). Researchers questioned more than 700 judges.The investigation shows that around 20 per cent are threatened by suffering from burnout or feel effects linked to the disease already. Previously conducted surveys revealed that doctors are the professional groups with the highest burnout risk.A spokesman for the Association of Austrian Judges suggested that especially elderly colleagues should be offered to take sabbaticals or resort to do part-time to avoid being hit by the disease.He went on to identify a lack of respect from people entangled in court cases and growing pressure applied by media and the public as main triggers of the detected developments.Analysts have claimed that the reputation of judicial authorities has also slumped over recent years due to the apparent lack of progress in high-profile cases of fraud, embezzlement and abuse of office involving politicians and businesspeople.Many experts have called for drastic reforms amid suggestions that the sector is also suffering from being understaffed.