New Ericsson Vienna office boss named

Swedish telecommunication systems giant Ericsson has appointed a new head for its representation in Austria.The company announced today (Thurs) that Emil Nilsson will succeed Roland Nordgren as chief of its Central Europe department which is based in Vienna. Ericsson’s office in the Austrian capital is also in charge of the firm’s operations in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.Ericsson – which invented Bluetooth technology – added that Nordgren will return to its Stockholm headquarters.Nilsson has been in the company since 1996. He previously worked for Ericsson in North America.Austrians bought an overall three million new mobile phones last year. Experts believe that around 11 million unused mobiles can be found in the country’s 3.6 million households.A study found last November that four out of 10 Austrian mobile phone holders use their phones to access the internet. Nearly a third of all Austrians owning a mobile have a so-called smartphone.Researcher GfK recently said 67 per cent of Austrians admitted they would “really miss out on something” if they were kept from using their mobiles. Significantly fewer people said the same about their TVs, radios and their favourite newspaper.