Farmer faces jail for ignoring cow vaccination order

A Tyrolean farmer may be jailed for refusing to vaccinate his animals against blue tongue disease.Albin Wegscheider from Oberhofen said today (Weds) that he feared the vaccine may have had negative effects on the health of his cows and goats. He said the information leaflet about the drug warned that side effects on the general condition of goats could not be excluded.Tyrolean animal health officials warned the man that he may go to prison for three days if he does not pay the 350-Euro penalty within two weeks. Now local politicians and veterinary authorities are trying to find a solution.Blue tongue disease is a non-contagious, insect-borne viral disease caused by the blue tongue virus. It claimed several animals across Austria in the past few years. The disease, which poses no danger to humans, causes ruminants to lose their fertility.