Sacher bitter over new ice cream

Sacher bosses are irritated after a leading ice cream company has presented a Sachertorte flavour.In what is considered as an attempt to tackle Sacher’s unique reputation regarding its famous cake production, ice cream maker Eskimo brands the new product as the perfect birthday surprise.Enjoying a piece of Sachertorte – which was invented by Franz Sacher in 1832 – at the Hotel Sacher in Vienna is considered as a must-do by many tourists.Sacher has the exclusive right to produce its Original Sachertorte, but rival Demel was given the permission to sell its Demel’s Sachertorte after a lengthy feud in the 1960s.A spokeswoman for Sacher said today (Thurs) that Eskimo managers did not get in touch over the production of its Sachertorte ice cream range. Asked whether Sacher is considering taking legal action over the controversial launch, she said: “We are unaware of the new product. We have to discuss the issue.”