iPhone 4 to hit Austria

Apple’s iPhone 4 will go on sale in Austria later this week, it has emerged.The American company confirmed reports that the latest edition of its bestselling Smartphone was set to hit the shelves in the country today (Tues).Apple announced that the iPhone 4 will also be available in Switzerland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Canada, Norway, Netherlands, Denmark, Hong Kong, Ireland, Finland, Belgium and Australia.The much-hyped mobile went on sale in the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, France and in the United States earlier this year.The internationally-operating firm headed by Steve Jobs explained that the new mobile phone will sell through its retail and online stores as well as authorised resellers.Apple also announced that the release of an all-white version of the iPhone 4 – which is regarded as a status symbol by many – will be delayed until later this year.The news come days after Apple’s iPad went on sale across Austria.Hundreds of people queued up in front of shops in Vienna and other cities last Friday to be among the first owners of the new multi-touch display table computer which is designed to consume media such as books, movies and newspapers.