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How An Austrian Park Every Year Becomes A Lake

Spectacular images that show how a park becomes a lake each spring complete with underwater trees have been captured by two divers.



Mad About Mammoths At Vienna Museum

A unique exhibition in the Austrian capital Vienna has proved a massive hit after bringing together for the first time some of the most famous frozen [...]


Controversy Over Advert For Fucking Hell Beer

An Austrian political party has defended a decision to promote a local beer named after the village of Fucking. [...]


Luigi Restaurant Cooks Up Delicious Delights For Winter Seas

Brothers Luigi and Leo Doci who own the renowned Luigi restaurant chain will be cooking up a storm in Semmering this winter. [...]


Spate of Crimes throughout Vienna and Lower Austria Solved

Four men have been arrested after committing 113 break-ins, 21 thefts and causing at least 260,000 Euros worth of damage. [...]


Dad Punished Child, 2, With Boiling Hot Shower

A two-year-old girl is in an artificial coma and fighting for her life after her father threw her into a scalding hot shower leaving her with severe b [...]


Police And Firemen Get Cold Turkey

Flipping the bird was given a new meaning in Austria this week when a truck filled with plucked turkeys overturned, closing a busy motorway in the pro [...]


Hotel Gets A Penthouse Without The Building Stress

A hotel in the southern Austrian city of Graz has gone upmarket with a five-star penthouse suite by simply having it lifted by a crane onto the top fl [...]


Halloween At The Zoo

Pumpkin pie might be the order of the day for people this Halloween but now zoo animals are also getting in on the act. [...]


Baby Naked Mole Rats Born In Vienna

With their pink hairless bodies and fangs for front teeth, these baby naked mole rats were never going to win any cuteness contests at Schonbrunn Zoo [...]


Jihad Girls Gunpoint Retraction Of Desire To Go Home

Austrian anti-terrorism police believe that an interview given to a French magazine allegedly with one of the two teenage girls who fled to Syria to j [...]


Get Shorty As Confused Bald Ibis Gets Lost Again

A rare bald Ibis that seems to have a different sense of direction to her fellow birds has once again had to be rescued after getting stuck trying to [...]


Alpine Trains Venture Into Space As The Final Frontier

Austria’s national railway line the OeBB has raised eyebrows after offering themed toilets including one that is supposed to "look and smell like oute [...]


MEP caught In Brit papers Fraud Probe Jailed

A corrupt MEP caught by a British newspaper offering to propose amendments to EU laws in exchange for 100,000 euros a year has been given a three-year [...]


Vienna Jihad Girls Want To Come Home

The two Austrian teenage girls who became ‘poster girls’ for the jihad in Syria are now desperate to come home after getting completely disillusioned [...]


Apple Truck Causes Traffic Jam

When 24 tonnes of apples are catapulted across a road it can only mean a jam. [...]


Farmer Cleared Over Wolf Shooting

Furious animal rights campaigners have accused an Austrian farmer of lying after he shot dead a wolf that he claimed he thought was a fox. [...]


Rare Bald Ibis Makes Microlight Flight To Italy

The project to introduce an extinct bird back to Europe is hailing success after successfully negotiating a new route over the Alps and training 14 No [...]


Pat On The Back From Manure Explosive

A traffic cop in Austria got more than he bargained for after a booby trap covered him head-to-toe in manure as he was trying to catch people speeding [...]


Viennese Jihad Girl May Have Been Killed

Austrian police say that one of the two attractive young teenage girls who fled the country to go to Syria to fight on the side of Islamic rebels may [...]


Fat Can Be Used To Burn Off Weight After New Patent Unveiled

It is being hailed as a sensation after scientists at an Austrian university patented a method that transforms fat storing cells into mini factories c [...]


Three Family Members Dead In Well Tragedy

A mother has lost her husband, her pregnant daughter and her son-in-law after a tragic accident where one of them fell into a well and the other two d [...]


Brit Soldier Rescued After Climbing Mountain In T Shirt

A British soldier who tackled the frozen Austrian Alps wearing just shorts and a T-shirt has been rapped by officials after he had to be rescued from [...]


Mum And Daughter Struck By Lightning In Pool

A mother and her daughter were hospitalised after they were struck by lightning – in a swimming pool. [...]


Police Nab Porn Star Who Filmed In Local Church

A woman accused of making a porn movie in a local church has been caught after an informant tipped off police that he recognised her by her breasts af [...]

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