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German Hiker Yodels For Help After Getting Trapped In Cattle Grid

A portly hiker dressed in traditional Lederhosen was rescued after he yodeled for help after getting stuck for three hours in a cattle grid.



Austrian Wine Grower Sets New Record For Maturing Grapes

An award-winning Austrian winegrower is believed to have set a new record after leaving harvested grapes for an incredible nine months before fermenti [...]


Austrian Castle Owner Shocked By Airplane Wheel In Duck Pond

An Austrian castle owner got a shock after discovering this massive aircraft wheel had landed in his duck pond. [...]


Multi Coloured UFOs In Formation Over Austria

Austrian officials say they are baffled to explain a UFO sighting in which dozens of people reported seeing between 50 and 100 objects flying in forma [...]


Priests Furious After Porn Films Shot In Local Parish Church

A furious Austrian Catholic priest has complained to police after discovering a local woman had apparently been using his church as a studio to make p [...]


Two metre snake sends woman motorist fleeing

An Austrian motorist got a shock after noticing something hanging down from under her car – and realising it was a huge two metre snake that had ended [...]

Beekeeping is booming in Vienna

People living in Vienna have got a new hobby - beekeeping. [...]


Queen of Englands favourite horses used as lawnmowers in Vie

Horses from the famous Spanish Riding School are being used to help keep the grass down in city parks in Vienna. [...]


Lightning Strike Near Frankenstein Castle Hits Car On Motorw

A massive lightning bolt blew a hole in a road in the German city where the legend of Frankenstein was born that was so big police had to mount an ope [...]


Brit Arrested For Murder In Fritzl Hometown

A British man has been arrested on a suspected murder charge over the stabbing death of a love rival in the Austrian town that was the home of incest [...]


Get an early start on the American Independence Day celebrat

Get an early start on the American Independence Day celebrations at Eton Institute [...]


Penguin Babies Earn Their Feathers At Zoo

These feathered friends are the latest additions to the penguin enclosure at Vienna's Schoenbrunn Zoo. [...]


Strongman pulls worlds largest twinjet plane out of hanger

A strong man known as the "Austrian Rock" has notched up his 16th endurance world record, this time by pulling a Boeing 777 plane from its hangar at t [...]


Good manners guide for Arabs dropped by Salzburg tourism off

Tourism chiefs in Salzburg have been forced to withdraw a controversial etiquette guide for Arabs that aimed to stop them trying to haggle over prices [...]


Pensioners targeted by 'helpful' woman

A pensioner in Baden has been robbed by a woman who pretended to help him carry his shopping bags home. [...]

Austrian charity helps Serbian baby bears get new home

A charity project caring for orphaned bear cubs in Romania became 'parents' to three cute new fur balls this week - Tara, History and Sleepy. [...]


Military helicopter crash leaves one dead

One person has died and two were seriously injured after a military helicopter crashed in the state of Tyrol. [...]


Earliest military camp discovered at Carnuntum

Archaeologists have discovered one of the earliest Roman military camps in the Carnuntum on the Danube near Vienna. [...]


Man run over by own lawnmower

A man has been run over by his own lawnmower in the town of Paternion in Carinthia. [...]


Noisy neighbours attacked with Samurai sword

A man angry with his noisy neighbours in Vienna decided to persuade them to keep quiet by threatening them with his Samurai sword. [...]


Lightning strike hits four roped together climbers

Four German mountain climbers were hospitalised after they were struck by lightning on a mountain - and the electrical charge travelled through the sa [...]


Gay politician attacked at Rainbow Parade

Austria's Green MEP Ulrike Lunacek has spoken of her disappointment following a butyric acid attack on her at Vienna's gay pride on Saturday. [...]


Controversial Kurdish oil sold to Austrian buyers

Kurdish oil has allegedly been sold to Austrian buyers, according to reports in Kurdish media. [...]


OAP sets fire to bed in nursing home

An nursing home resident has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and arson after she set fire to the bed of a fellow resident. [...]


Model Poppy Delevigne shares her love of Vienna

British model and It girl Poppy Delevigne has shared her love of Vienna with her online followers after she came to the city on Thursday for this year [...]

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