Spate of Crimes throughout Vienna and Lower Austria Solved

Four men have been arrested after committing 113 break-ins, 21 thefts and causing at least 260,000 Euros worth of damage.

The crimes committed ranged from a break- in at a fire station to theft of traffic road signs across Vienna and Lower Austria.

A 25 year old man was initially arrested for the break-in at the fire station in Lichtenau im Waldviertel in the district of Krems-Land in the state of Lower Austria and the search of his house revealed the camera and plastic crates that had gone missing as well as a variety of tools and firearms which were secured by the police.

The man gave a partial confession to the crimes upon the discovery of these items.
However, further investigation showed his presence at a huge variety of crime scenes and that accomplices were also present. The result was the arrest of two 20-year-old men and a 38-year-old man from various districts of Vienna.

Searches of their houses incriminated them further as a significant amount of stolen property was found which has since been returned to its owners.

The group broke into club houses, banks, building contractors’ offices and vehicles making off with a bizarre collection of plastic crates, a camera, wallets, cash, diesel, signs for trekking paths and mobile phones.

The huge amount and variation of objects stolen by these four men between June 2013 and September 2014 has been calculated to be equal to at least 260,000 Euros in damages.