Debate about new tariff system

Wiener Linien is the company that runs the largest part of the transit network of Vienna. They have never had more customers since they introduced the annual ticket for 365 Euros. A traffic expert has now suggested a new tariff system.

907 million passengers used the transit network last year. 32 million of additional passengers used the underground, trams or busses.

Sebastian Kummer, chairperson of the institute of transport business and logistics at the University of Economic Sciences, stated that the increase of passengers would also bring disadvantages for the Wiener Linien.

The more means of public transport are used, the more they wear down. The Wiener Linien have to invest more in order to maintain the quality. Mr Kummer also said that they would need a more efficient tariff system for Vienna. Those who use the means of public transport very often, should pay more.

Mr Kummer said that tariff systems with a ticket like for a ski lift already exist in London and South Tyrol. Technical refitting would cost the Wiener Linien less than 100 million Euros and pay off on the long term.

The city of Vienna is not in favour of this proposal. They said to “Radio Vienna” that the existing system would be maintained. The city would provide necessary subsidies of around 522 million Euros in order to invest in the quality and extensions of the public transport network.