Rowing used to rescue wasp sting victim

General News

A man who had had a severe allergic reaction to a wasp after being stung whilst out for a walk around a lake was rescued by rowing boat. The 51-year-old was walking around the Hierzmannstausee reservoir in Voitsberg, Styria with his wife and dog when he was stung by a wasp after he bent over […]

Styriagra producer goes bust


The company Firma Mandl Exclusiv owned by Styriagra producer Richard Mandl has entered bankruptcy proceedings, according to the Alpine Land Creditors Association (AKV).It reported yesterday that the firm in Krottendorf in Styria¬ís Voitsberg district had debts of 395,000 Euros and that Voitsberg attorney Wolfgang Klobassa would be bankruptcy administrator.A recent ruling by Vienna Commercial Court […]