‘Mr Freeze’ survives 24-hour ice cage stunt


An Austrian illusionist has survived being trapped in a block of ice for 24 hours.Klaus “Mr Freeze” Fox wore just a jumper, trousers and shoes when he was caged in a two metre long and 70 centimetres wide space in the middle of a solid ice block in Spittal, Carinthia, on Sunday.The magician, whose previous […]

OMV finds gas in southern Tunisia


Austrian oil and gas producer OMV announced today (Tues) it had discovered natural gas and gas condensate during exploratory drilling in southern Tunisia.OMV said the find had occurred at the Fella-1 field there.OMV board member Helmut Langanger said: “The series of very promising finds in exploration block Jenein South has strengthened our resolve to continue […]