Schrott injured but will run at World Championships in August

Austria’s star hurdle sprinter Beate Schrott from St. Pölten will compete at the World Championships in Moscow in August despite her current injury.

Doctors who carried out a medical test in Vienna on Monay said the hurdle champ would have to miss a week of training due to a thigh injury she suffered on Sunday and all form of training is currently out of question.

But they said she will be fit enough in time for the World Championships.

Schrott said: “I am not allowed to even move for a week. But next week, I can start again with aqua jogging.

“It seems I got away lightly this time. The World Championship in Moscow is my goal of course, and it’s not at risk.”

She has however cancelled plans to run the Universiade race on July, 10.

Doctor for the Austrian athletics federation Alfred Engel said Schrott suffered from a detached muscle fascia and a hematoma. He estimates the healing period will be of around three weeks.