Americans doubtful as Vonn reveals Austrian Topfen injury cure

Americans remain sceptical about Austrian Topfen despite US skiing superstar Lindsey Vonn revealing she treated her injured leg with the cheese curd delicacy before winning gold in the Olympic downhill.The 25-year-old overall World Cup leader, who has been living in Austria for some years, told journalists after her triumph on Wednesday that she wrapped her swollen right leg with Topfen cheese curd from Austria in hopes of reducing the swelling.Vonn has admitted in various interviews she sometimes ignores her tough training and dietary plans and indulges on popular Austrian delicacy Kaiserschmarrn after having “fallen in love” with the dish.But American press reports have mocked the remedy and say the skier’s use of Topfen to treat her injury are unlikely to spark a food revolution across the pond.Wisconsin food chemist John Lucey told TV channel MSNBC: “Using it on an injury is an unusual purpose for cheese […] It’s not clear if there’s anything in this that would help.”Mindy Lvoff, a spokeswoman for famous New York City-based “Murray’s Cheese Shop”, “The Big Cheese” and “Artisanal”, meanwhile said: “We are not familiar with Topfen cheese.”Dr William Levine of New York’s Presbyterian Hospital explained athletes were willing to try out unusual methods of treating injuries if they know they were not illegal in a bid to get back on track.”There is no science behind using the cheese that I am aware of. But the kind of deep tibia bruise that Lindsey Vonn has is a tough injury. We would treat it with rest, a highly potent anti-inflammatory and ice,” he added speaking to NY Daily News.Topfen, a popular ingredient for various delicacies such as Strudel or different desserts in Austria, has been used for decades by Austrians to treat injured body parts.Putting a cool chunk of Topfen wrapped in a plastic bag on sunburnt skin or limbs swollen after insect bites or sports injuries are the most common practices of Topfen usage besides cooking and baking.Lindsey Vonn’s decision to try out Topfen as a remedy is not the only unconventional treatment top athletes have opted for.Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie recently claimed he was “healed by a miracle” after travelling to Belgrade, Serbia, to have housewife Mariana Kovacevic rub horse placenta on his injured ankle.