Referendum in Vienna terminated

Offices for the Vienna Referendum 2013 closed last Saturday. The preliminary voter turnout is 29,44 percent. The result will be announced tomorrow (Tues).

The published figure of the voter turnout consists of ballot papers sent by post as well as those that were handed in personally, said the responsible town councillor Sandra Frauenberger (SPÖ) in a press release.

The majority of the participants (97 percent out of 337,621) sent their questionnaire by post.

Residents of Vienna were asked to comment on four different issues. The topics were parking management, the application of Vienna for the Olympics in 2028, the privatisation of communal services and energy projects that will be financed with funds from the public.

Around 1.15 million residents from Vienna were allowed to participate in the referendum. Those who wanted to vote by post will have to send in their questionnaire only until 18 March, 2 p.m. The city of Vienna made it very easy for the residents as they sent the ballot papers to all people entitled to vote.

Michael Häupl (SPÖ), the mayor of Vienna, will announce the first result tomorrow morning.