Town hall clerk blames mayor for suicide

An Upper Austrian town hall official accused a mayor of mobbing before killing himself.Weekly magazine profil reports that Gmunden city office director Robert Hametner sent an e-mail to colleagues last Thursday evening in which he made People’s Party (ÖVP) Mayor Heinz Josef Köppl responsible for his decision to commit suicide.”Let me tell you one thing: you made it. Your mobbing finally succeeded. I don’t want to be redeployed by you anymore,” Hametner wrote in the note, which he sent to dozens of colleagues, referring to the mayor.Local police discovered his body shortly after the message was sent off. Hametner shot himself in the head, according to profil.Social Democratic (SPÖ) Vice Mayor Christian Dickinger told the magazine: “We all knew the two didn’t get along with each other, but I have no explanation for this act.”