Many people want a flat with a terrace

A survey shows that 95 percent of all people looking for a property in Austria wish to have a free space such as a balcony, a terrace or a garden in front of their next property.

The real estate platform asked 750 people in an online survey in March. 64 percent of Austrians, who are looking for a property, want a terrace. This is followed by 54 percent who want a garden and 44 percent who would enjoy having a balcony.

90 percent of people asked said that they would like to have a free space as it would be quiet and they could relax. 80 percent stated that the view was important to them. Only 49 percent said that they would use the free space for having barbecues and 50 percent plan to plant vegetables.

“In our world of stress it is important to be able to relax”, Maria Bürger, head of the marketing of stated in a press release yesterday (Thurs).

Andreas Besenböck, spokesperson of, went on: “There is a discrepancy between wish and reality.”

This is caused by the high prices – a penthouse in Vienna costs 30 percent more than “normal” apartments. You also need to pay 26 percent more for a flat with a terrace and 16 percent more for a flat with a balcony.