Run on Sonnentherme spa in Burgenland

Thanks to the Easter Holidays and the cold weather, people are increasingly visiting spas in Burgenland (Eastern Austria). Sonnentherme Lutzmannsburg is pleased with the stream of visitors, who are particularly young families with children.

The management of the spa registered up to 2,500 guests per day. It has just invested 23 million Euros in the spa, which has proven to be a good idea. We noticed increases in visitors between 23 and 25 percent, said managing director Wolfgang Stündl.

Hotels and other accommodation facilities are pleased with the extension of the Sonnentherme. However, they criticise that there are no longer quiet zones for visitors.

The region suffered problems with bed occupancy in December and November. In total, there are 1,200 available beds in the region.

“One cause of the problem is the fact that quiet zones have been removed when the spa was extended. Many businesses focused on quiet zones before because it was a great offer”, stated Jürgen Rohrer, head of tourism in Lutzmannsburg.

“We know that we lost many guests who were looking for a peaceful holiday; however, we cannot have everything. We are pleased with the target group families”, Mr Stündl explained.

Tourism Lutzmannsburg is therefore focusing on alternatives, according to the motto “Water and More”. Tourists will be attracted by sports like golf, climbing, riding and cycling. Additionally, the region will focus on wine.