Watchdog gives sausages the thumbs up

The vast majority of Frankfurter sausages examined by a consumer information organisation have passed the quality check with flying colours.The Association for Consumer Information (VKI) said today (Thurs) that the quality of just four of the 34 products on sale in Austrian supermarkets it tested was rated “not satisfying” due to the discovered lactic acid bacteria which made them taste sour.The organisation added that 25 of the checked delicacies – which are also known as Vienna sausages or wiener sausages – were given a “good” or “very good” rating.The VKI pointed out that the product was unsuitable as a snack if health issues are taken into account due to its high amount of salt and fat.Frankfurter sausages are a popular dish in Austria and other countries. They are served with potato salad, French fries and ketchup or just a loaf of bread and mustard at restaurants, pubs and snack stands.