Sex at work popular in Austria, poll shows

The majority of Austrians have had an “erotic experience” at their workplace, according to a study.Researchers at casual dating online portal C-Date, who interviewed more than 3,600 people in 12 European countries, found 54 per cent of Austrians have either flirted or even had sex at the office. They said the European average was 45 per cent.The survey also revealed that, with 48 per cent, almost half of Austrian women admitted preferring “taking a leading role” during sex. Only 24 per cent of woman living in Great Britain said the same.A majority of 65 per cent of Austrian men said variety in sex routines with their partners was important. Just 56 per cent of the country¬ís women agree, according to the survey.With 41 per cent, more than four out of 10 Austrian men and women have sent juicy e-mails in their lives at least once. C-Date said only figures for Sweden were higher in this regard (43 per cent).Linz-based pollsters Market found only recently that 32 per cent of Austrian men have had sex with a prostitute. Market spoke with 1,000 Austrians to find that men and women spend an average 140 Euros a year on sex toys.