Austrian single women want babies

Seven in ten single Austrian women aged around 30 want children, a survey has shown.Online partner agency Parship, who questioned 611 of its registered members, said today (Weds) 70 per cent of single women around the age of 30 said they want to have children of their own. The survey however also showed that only 27 per cent can imagine putting their career on hold for a partnership or a baby.The poll also revealed that a stunning 90 per cent of single women aged between 25 and 35 want to marry someday.Forty per cent of women the agency spoke to for their study said having children and a career was manageable, while 53 per cent of the men who took part in the survey said the same.With 54 per cent, a majority of single women revealed they would move to another city for “Mr Right”, while 74 per cent claimed they could imagine trying new hobbies to find a partner for life. Only 22 per cent meanwhile said they would stop smoking given that this would help falling in love.