Lauda to become a granddad

Niki Lauda is to become a grandfather for the first time.The three-time Formula One champion’s son Lukas confirmed newspaper reports about the news today (Thurs).”Yes, that’s correct, I’ll become a dad. But it’s also too early to speak about it,” his son Lukas – a Barcelona-based sports management company manager – said.Lauda, 61, who heads budget airline FlyNiki, has been a father of five since September when his second wife Birgit Wetzinger gave birth to twins. He has two adult children, Lukas and Matthias, by his ex-wife Marlene and is the father of an illegitimate son from another relationship.Asked whether he had fears of being too old for the duties of a father of baby twins, Lauda said ahead of the births last autumn: “Why should I do a worse job than someone aged 30?”Asked whether he would warm warm bottles and change diapers, Lauda said he planned to “learn by doing” as he had never done any of those things in the past. “Kids are so individual. It would not make sense to take a course in raising them,” he said a few weeks ahead of the births of Mia and Max.