Premier league tailor to visit Vienna

The tailor who kits out Premier League stars Emmanuel Adebayor and Alexandre Song will visit Vienna at the end of March.Top Hong Kong tailor Hafeez Ur Rehman regularly visits the UK to fit out A-list customers.”Alexandre Song has already had 20 suits tailored by us and now Emmanuel Adebayor is a regular customer as well.”Rehman offers men’s and women’s handmade wool and cashmere suits complete with shirt and tie for only 500 Euros – compared to 800 Euros for suit-only offers at other non-custom retailers in the city. He also makes men’s suits of luxurious materials from Mario Zegna and Dormeuil for between 800 and 950 Euros.*Rehman points out that 80 per cent of his garments are hand-finished, and that if by any chance a piece doesn’t fit perfectly, he replaces it free of charge.Delivery of finished products from Hong Kong usually takes three to four weeks but Rehman also has a one-week special express service.Rehman has already visited Austria on several occasions after satisfied Austrian online customers urged him to come and promote his work.He is keen to lend his expertise to the Viennese, saying: “Most people don’t know how to wear suits and which shirt and tie match.”He is ready to remedy that this March. Anyone who wants to take advantage of this opportunity can make an appointment with Rehman during his Vienna visit by emailing him on the third week in March, when he is in the city, he will also be available by phone on 0664 373 0149.More information about Rehman’s work is available at* Rehman is offering our readers a special deal: for 680 Euros, you can get two suits plus two cotton shirts, two pairs of slacks and two silk ties, with free shipping to Austria.