Flushed with success for World Water Day

Council officials in Vienna are working overtime to get the 950 fountains in the city cleaned up and ready to be officially switched on during the UN World Water Day on 22nd of March.

Fountains ranging from simple drinking fountains through to massive monumental structures are closed down over the winter to prevent damage during the freezing conditions.

Around 300 of the fountains are managed by the Vienna water company Wiener Wasserwerke and the other 650 by the city council’s gardening officials at the Wiener Stadtgärten.

While switched off over winter to prevent damage officials need to clean the monuments, service pumps and change lightbulbs where relevant ready for the fountains to be switched on.

On 15 April during the Vienna city Marathon there will even be temporary water fountain set up for runners.

World water Day has existed since 1993 to highlight the fact that everybody on the earth needs around about four litres of water a day.