Man dies while searching for grasshoppers

A man has died after falling when out trying to collect grasshoppers in Pians, Tirol, Austria.

The 74-year-old was found dead after a search party was sent out to look for the man who had been reported missing by his son when he didn’t return from his walk as planned yesterday (Tuesday).

The man who lived with his son was last seen by his son at 12.30 yesterday (Tuesday).

Police and firemen began a search for the missing man but were unable to find him on Tuesday.

Police then received a call to say they had seen the man around 18.00 on Tuesday near his home.

This morning the search was resumed also with water rescuers. The rescuers then found the body of the man.

They claim he had been trying to catch grasshoppers in the field which he used as fishing bait.

Investigations into the circumstances of his death are ongoing but police believe he fell down a four-metre embankment to his death.