100 cellars burgled on one Vienna street

By Rob Hyde

Thieves managed to remove the contents of a hundred cellars within the same municipal housing complex on a street in Vienna.

Shoes, tools, clothes, bikes and even skis were stolen from a hundred cellars of flats belonging to the Schüttausstraße housing estate, which lies just a brief stroll away from the United Nations offices by Donauinsel.

Resident Markus Deberka, 39, said: “They broke all locks, went through everything and took everything which was of value.”

So far police been unable to find the perpetrators, but did suceed in prevent another crime nearby.

On the same street as the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation is based, Vienna police managed to catch a man who had already stolen 6 bikes.

The bikes had been in a trailer attached to a travel coach which was parked on Wagramer Strasse. The man had begun to offload them and to hide them nearby, when police apprehended him.

The man has since been identified as 39 year-old Imre S.