Morgenstern dumps partner and 3 month old baby for affair with massage therapist

The Austrian ski jumper Thomas Morgenstern split up with his girlfriend Kristina after a ten-year relationship and three months after the birth of their daughter. He went to Hawaii with his new lover.

It seems like Thomas Morgenstern has jumped once again – away from his problems to relax by the sea. The 25-year-old estate agent and mother Kristina Cernic remains behind with daughter Lilly.

Kristina and Thomas had been a couple for ten years. The young mother had to leave the villa in Seeboden, Carinthia (Southern Austria) with her child one month ago. She told the magazine “NEWS” that Thomas has a new lover, Silvia Stöttinger (30) and that they have gone to Hawaii on Monday.

Kristina and the famous ski jumper had been going out since they both were in school. The young mother said that she was at the end – she only weighs 46 kilos. Her own mother Petra Cernic confirmed this: “She is in a very bad condition and has to take it easy. She has big problems with eating.”

The Viennese psychotherapist Sigrid Sohlmann explained the mental state of young mothers who are left by the father of the child soon after the birth. “When we break up in a traumatic way, we go through phases like after the diagnose of a serious disease or a death.”

“This leads to psychosomatic diseases such as loss of appetite, sleep disorders and stomach problems. Some might think of suicide. In the extreme case, the consequence can even be a so-called “broken-hearts syndrome” (which is similar to a heart attack)”, Ms Sohlmann said.

Silvia Stöttinger had been Thomas Morgenstern’s physiotherapist in the Austrian ski federation (ÖSV).