Everyday Blues gets worldwide audience

An online comic strip set up as a blog by a Viennese student notched up in September more than 1 million page views.

Felix Goldberg decided to put his English-language comic strips on the subject of love and relationships online and said he was surprised about the response.

He said: “I am really overwhelmed by the reaction of my little hobby project has had and that it makes so many people smile.”

After 2 1/2 years and an estimated 1000 comic strips the page now has a following around the world.

It is now go on to Facebook as well and already has 6800 fans there on the page www.facebook.com/everydayblues.

All of the comics on the page are offerer for republication under the Creative-Commons-licence.

Over the next few months “Everyday Blues” is also due to be available as an on the iPad.