Anger over electronic tag for sex offenders

Campaigners demanding that sex offenders not be allowed out of jail with an electronic tag have stepped up their efforts after it was revealed that a paedophile in Germany had carried out a sex attack on a seven-year-old while wearing an electronic tag.

The convicted child sex offender is now back behind bars after he deliberately let the batteries run flat so he could molest the seven-year-old girl in Munich, Germany.

The 40-year-old man had convinced prison officials he had reformed after serving eight years for attacking his step daughter and also carrying out an assault on two children belonging to a neighbour.

He’s now back behind bars but the failed experiment has meant that he now has another victim.

The opponents of the electronic tag system in Austria were furious when the High Court in Linz ruled that a man who raped a 15-year-old would be allowed out on an electronic tag.

The 51-year-old man from Salzburg had been jailed for two years for a total of five rapes on the teenage girl but was eventually allowed to roam free on condition he wear the electronic tag.

Rosa Loger who is a spokesman for an association that represents abused women and runs a number of homes offering them protection said that the electronic tag system was simply not acceptable for sex offenders.

She said that it was perfectly understandable that the teenage girl who was very unhappy about the decision to see her attacker freed was worried that she might meet him again.

A spokesman for the justice ministry,Dagmar Albegger, said that they had accepted the independent court ruling and would not be interfering or making any comment on the matter.