Disagreement over planned animal graveyard

Concerns have been voiced in Kreisbach bei Wilhelmsburg about a planned animal graveyard at Castle Kreisbach.

The man in charge of establishing the graveyard wants to give animals a proper burial as a service to pet lovers, but locals believe that the graveyard might be too unsettling for tourists heading to the castle.

But officials responsible for authorising the request members have criticised the suggestion as not appropriate for the area.

At the same time an application has been made for an Inn to be located nearby and the officials said the two were not compatible, with guests at the inn certain to be disturbed by the nearby graveyard.

The initiator of the graveyard project said that it will not be visible from a distance. He intends to grow a green belt in order to hide it.

But the man in charge of the committee examining the request, Leopold Renz, said: “The graveyard is simply too closely connected with death and loss. When you imagine that there might be a wedding celebration at the inn, and nearby there is a dead, buried animal, it would not be very fitting.”

The organiser of the graveyard said loved pets deserve a proper burial, and that Lower Austria does not have an animal graveyard yet.

The graveyard project has not provoked a major reaction among locals although it has failed to garner the support of the community for now, but locals can voice their opinions until the 23rd of May, and then the decision will be made by the committee.